Tailor Made Pensions International adviser Best Practice Adviser Awards 2017

International Adviser Best Practice Adviser Award 2017

The Old Mutual International International Fund & Product awards revealed the International Adviser Best Practice Adviser Award 2017 results on 3rd May at  the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel on Park Lane in London. This was the 18th annual awards and had, by all accounts, a record breaking number of entrants.

International adviser Best Practice Adviser Awards 2017

International adviser Best Practice Adviser Awards 2017

The simple fact is no one arrives at the right solution without innovation and some errors along the way. The finance industry doesn’t like to admit this as we feel it will affect the client’s view of us. Advisers generally publish only their best results and their best funds, while using back-tested data with unrealistic promises based on the past.

If we want clients to believe we are trustworthy and reliable, starting with a one-sided picture can only lead to disappointment.

Arguments abound as to whether passive is better than active, growth shares better than value, or tactical is better than strategic asset allocation. For those convinced that passive beats active 90% of the time, fund managers are dismissed as offering little value. The Investment award we have won from International Adviser Best Practice Adviser Award 2017 demonstrates that there is a clear philosophy within Aisa as to how best we should invest for clients.

Time for change

During our 17 years, Aisa has experienced all of the above. However, three events formed our thinking: the worldwide 2007-09 systemic problems across all asset classes impacted investors; the understanding of bias, known as behavioural science; and the lack of transparency, exposed by RDR.

In 2009, Aisa realised wealth managers had to change. We decided to abolish back-testing, follow behavioural science principles and publish monthly rolling 12-month client returns. We considered composite benchmarks, but realised they would be artificially dictated by our own selection prejudice, and chose the FTSE 100 index as a benchmark. Our investment committee uses the avoidance of loss as a primary consideration in our risk-based portfolios.
We review different investment strategies every year, rather than tying ourselves to one. We like passive index strategies as part of an overall plan, but strong governance procedures and the separation of responsibilities prevents us from following this strategy in isolation.

International Adviser Best Practice Adviser Award 2017

International Adviser Best Practice Adviser Award 2017

Geordie Bulmer from Aisa Professional attended the event and accepted this latest award with gratitude, especially given the high level of the competition in this event.

Aisa Professional are an award winning firm with national coverage. We have Financial Planners and Independent Advisers who follow an ethics based culture wholly built around our clients, delivering bespoke financial advice and portfolio services.


International Adviser Best Practice Adviser Award 2017 AWARD WINNERS

Excellence in Professional Development
GWM Investment Management
Excellence in Social Media 
Serenity Financial Planning
Excellence in Investment Planning 
Aisa Professional
Excellence in Business Transformation/Strategy 
AES International
Excellence in Client Service 
Carrington Investments
Best Adviser Firm by region 
Equilibrium Asset Management

Forensic Review


We offer a forensic review of the 10 reasons to use a QROPS for those that would like revisit the QROPS and investments they hold. Increased investment performance and lower charges may make a significant difference at retirement.

Some offshore salesmen promoting QROPS as an investment solution live in a parallel universe where they claim to make world stock markets behave differently in QROPS than they do if the same funds are used from and within UK pension funds. Think and behave logically, if promises of bigger returns can only be achieved by moving to a QROPS then why hasn’t the entire UK pension industry moved offshore? It hasn’t!

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