Inheritance Tax Planning

Aisa in the UK has won multiple awards over the years, including the 2010 Money Management Inheritance tax planner of the year award. We have also worked overseas for many years and own companies in several countries, so we understand how complicated tax can be, and shows we are a credible and quality company when it comes to tax planning.

We also hold a database of tax facts for most countries where UK expats need expert advice (although we always recommend that local tax planners should provide local tax advice in the country that you live in). We understand how Double Tax Treaties, known as a DTT, work between different countries for different nationalities (not just UK), so we can provide guidance on income and gains taxes as well. However, inheritance tax in the UK falls outside of most DTT’s and is often mis-understood by overseas advisers. For example:

Inheritance Tax planning

Unfortunately it is a common misconception that when you leave the UK and become resident in another country your liability to UK Inheritance tax ends. Often people believe that on the day after they have “sold up” and moved away, even going to such lengths as having foreign wills suggesting their ashes remain abroad, that all liabilities cease.

Wrong for 2 reasons:

  1. HMRC will use any lingering UK connection to domicile your estate back into the UK after your death. This includes your controlled assets, executers and beneficiaries!
  2. Even if you take all precautions then normally you must become non-domi ciled in the UK, for which the normal qualifying criteria is remaining outside of the UK for 17 years in the last 20 years.


If it was simply a case of selling up and moving abroad then all wealthy people would do that! So do not be fooled by quasi-experts who write simplistic books/articles often based in Europe.

The solution to the problem you have depends on the country you are living in, and the steps you are prepared to take, and the quality of adviser you have. The cheaper the option you are presented with, the more expensive the liability later, often leading to additional taxation that you were unaware of!

CASE STUDY: Like the couple who sold their estate in the UK, incurred capital gains tax, then one partner died, leading to tax in the new country of residence, and they still had a full tax liability in the UK on the second death of the other partner. Do not get caught out!

CASE STUDY: Or the man who “did it himself” and moved his pension pot to Singapore, only to find that HMRC have frozen his account and are now seeking a tax liability of 55% on the whole amount.

We believe it is essential that you speak to one of our expert advisers to ensure you and your family are fully protected against inheritance tax.


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