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TailorMade Investments & Taxation Stories have been carefully written to help you understand tax matters and investment advice from around the world. We aim to build this section into insightful comment that will sometimes touch on the controversial, but always make you think. Do you want to be like everyone else? If not, then read on!


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Nothing on this page or website should be construed as personal tax advice in the US or the UK. We are not tax advisors and not regulated as such but we do understand taxation of pension funds in the UK. This page is not designed to give you personal Tax Advice but is designed to provide information that will help people understand the type of Tax Advice they should be seeking.

Aisa International is registered with the FSB as Aisa International (PTY) Ltd- No. 47638 and authorised for provision of intermediary services in South Africa. We also have a US registered company with the SEC. Aisa Financial Planning, a UK limited corporation, is authorised and regulated by the FCA – Reg.189652, for provision of intermediary services through the EEA under both the IMD and MiFID, including a branch called Aisa International.

Trading Names: TailorMade is a registered trading name, but does not provide expat pension advice in that name. This website is aimed at individuals not resident in the UK or USA. Please see www.aisagroup.org in order to ensure that you are dealing with the most appropriate group company.