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UK Pension Death Taxes & Beneficiaries (QROPS)

The new rules commenced on 6 April 2015, and the focus of this video is taxes and information for beneficiaries. It blows apart the 55% death tax myth.

This series is made and managed by award-winning financial experts based in the UK, and focusses on providing information to the British expatriate community, or nationals who have a UK pension.

UK & USA Advice from Overseas Advisers / Brokers

Is your adviser UK or US qualified? Watch this short video to find out why the answer to this question is so important: protection and enforcement. James gives a valuable insight as to what to look out for when choosing an adviser for your financial requirements.

Understand Investment Bond Charges to avoid them

This was an update on our popular articles about Investment bond charges explained; it is not always clear how much they will cost you as many of the charges and commissions are “hidden”. We will tell you how the charges rack-up in the first few years and beyond, and how you can avoid those commission charges!

Offshore Regular Premium Savings Plans

Learn how regular savings plans should be and find out how to avoid the pitfalls, lets us show you how to obtain the best transparent fee-based saving plans which will allow your money to grow free of all those hidden charges and commissions.

US Residency & QROPS – worth the risk?

Why listen to advisers that are not based, or regulated in the UK and the USA about the treatment of pensions in those countries. We have no idea!?
Regulated, qualified advisers work with the SEC, FCA, IRS and HMRC; they have to give advice based on facts as their reputations depend on it. So, what’s the truth about the use of QROPS for USA residents?

False Regulation – No Protection – No Enforcement

Some advisers claim they are regulated when they are not. Some register as FCA Appointed Representative of EEA insurance (not investment) companies and pass themselves off as regulated for investment services.
Their claim to provide investment protection is false; true protection only comes from regulated qualified individuals resident in a country which has a decent Ombudsman or legal system. Without all three you cannot have enforcement.

Commission charges and investment hurdle rates

Tailormade does not charge the traditional high fees associated with a QROPS or overseas SIPP service and our short fun video illustrates the importance of how low transparent charges obtain maximum returns instead of opaque hidden high charges; let us know what you think 🙂

Investment Bond – Avoid Offshore Bond Charges

Here is a simple video comparing what happens when two clients invest into an identical portfolio for growth. Find out how the results differ and you will learn why high charges that some policies, like Insurance Bonds or Investment Bonds, carry will make a huge difference to the investment returns on your savings.

Double Tax Treaties (DTT) impact on retirement income

When other web sites advertise “no tax” or “avoid this tax” on UK pensions they often refer only to UK tax, as though other countries like Australia, the USA or Europe (France, Spain etc.) will not impose tax.
Many expat websites appear to ignore tax in the country a client is resident in or the Double Tax Treaty of where they are going to retire.