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Brian Dunhill publishes his latest Investment Review

Brian DunhillBrian is an International Financial Advisor at Dunhill Financial who operates in the EU offering expert advice to US citizens. Below he pens his thoughts on the current state of the investment markets through an investment review.

What does Brian think?

February has been a rollercoaster for the markets, but after a quick recovery, we can only wish for a little more stability. Oddly enough with the definition of a correction being a drop of at least 10% from the high point, this 8% pullback will only be defined as “noise.” That being said, it gives us a reminder that just because 2017 gave us 12 months of positive returns (for the first time in history), we have to be vigilant of potential future problems.

Investment Review by Brian

Investment Review

Investment Review

I’ve spent the week in London and Edinburgh (for the worst snow storm since 2010) visiting some friendly economists as we continue to find the next problem that could come about. We continue coming back to inflation, inflation, inflation! So sorry if I get repetitive. We are working on a full analysis as to why the Schiller PE can remain high as long as we don’t go into deflation or regular inflation over 2% (article co-written with Isa coming soon). That would mean that some of this stimulus in the states could be more harmful rather than helpful.

Investments – March 2018 views

All this being said, a continued weakening USD (article link – LinkedIn) will continue to help the US economy and also emerging markets significantly. Therefore, we continue to stay the course, rebalance some of the big gains from last year on weakness (and take losses if they appear – LinkedIn).

As always, if you have questions, concerns or would just like to discuss your portfolio, please feel free to schedule a time to speak here. I will also be in Brussels, London and Dublin this month and Paris, London, Amsterdam, Brussels and San Diego in April, if you happen to be in town and would like to meet face to face, please feel free to call me at +32(0)483 392 695 or e-mail me at

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