IRS Announces End to Overseas Voluntary Disclosure Program

Overseas Voluntary Disclosure Program update

Last Wednesday, 14th March the IRS announced that the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP) will end on 28th September 2018, and be reduced with immediate effect. Started in 2009, the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program has had various versions, which enabled US taxpayers to voluntarily resolve any past or present non-compliance, especially related to unreported foreign financial assets or failure to file foreign information returns in the US.

Overseas Voluntary Disclosure Program – history

The IRS originally estimated there were over 6 million US taxpayers with foreign assets that were not compliant with their US tax obligations. The Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP) was designed to encourage citizens to voluntarily declare and pay tax without legal action, and the OVDP has had some success with over $11 billion in back taxes, interest and penalties paid.

However, only 56,000 taxpayers actually came forward, an insignificant number when compared to the total number of non-compliant taxpayers, and tax violations will continue to be a top priority for the IRS. The IRS clearly feels that the time for voluntary disclosure of past misdemeanours has come to an end.

Emboldened with the cooperation of foreign governments and FATCA declarations from companies around the world the IRS may be taking a different route. With enhanced intelligence procedures, whistle-blowers, and international foreign account disclosure initiatives, it is likely that a significant number non-compliant taxpayers can be found. Do not be one of them.

Work with the IRS

Be clear, it is better to come forward under a program such as the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program than it is to be found out! It is unlikely the IRS will be all that understanding when dealing with offshore non-compliance in the future.

If you are a non-compliant taxpayer, we strongly recommend that you consider your options prior to the end of the OVDP in September.

Forensic Review


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This article was published on 21st March 2018


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