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First British Financial Advisers To Join EFPA (CZ)

EFPA  News- Aisa Group continue to advance their qualifications in mainland Europe,

in line with their commitment to their network members and clients.

After obtaining securities qualifications in Cyprus, key members of the team switched their focus back to their established office in Prague. Seeking advice from Marta Gellova, President of the EFPA Council in the Czech Republic, they have recently taken and passed the Czech National Bank’s Capital Markets exam, the Securities traders’ level.

EFPA  certifies advisers in accordance with the local regulatory requirements in 13 countries across Europe and 4 European cross border levels.

Marta Gellova is also Vice-Chair of the board of EFPA Europe. EFPA launched an initiative with the Personal Finance Society (PFS, part of CII) in 2018 to grant equivalent status to Diploma and Chartered level advisers.

Aisa International’s director, Clive Tutton, was one of the successful exam candidates. ‘ The ending of passporting advice into the EU, via the UK, means it is essential that firms such as ours maintain the appropriate EU investment licences. This requires both feet on the ground and accepting the fact that we have to take the same exams as everyone else in order to comply with EU requirements’.

The other two senior members who took and passed the Securities exam were the Aisa Group CEO, James Caldwell, and Chartered Financial Planner, Christopher Lean.

As a result, after taking further modules with EFPA both Caldwell and Lean were eligible to join as European Financial Planners.

Marta Gellova said, ‘As a result of the mutual recognition of the Personal Finance Society and EFPA, I am pleased to welcome our first British members to EFPA – Czech Republic. I look forward to working with Aisa International in the future as we look to expand our agenda of professional development and increasing the number of appropriately qualified advisers active in the market. In the Czech Republic we have now over 30 European Financial Planners, and more than 300 European Financial Advisers. We are sure that both the Aisa team and our other members will mutually benefit each other in terms of the diversity of international recognised qualifications and experience’.

Published 29th May 2020

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