Life insurance or Critical Illness cover

Life insurance or Critical Illness

Let’s be honest, this is an investment and pension website.

We do not talk about Life insurance or Critical Illness cover normally.



Well, many of the advisers in our company are chartered, either as financial planners in investments or insurers. John Reid is a Chartered Insurer (see logo right) and he will tell you that talking about Life insurance or Critical Illness cover is not that popular.
Chartered Insurer

However, here is the deal. One of our clients recently died; they died with all kinds of insurance, like mobile telephone insurance, and insurance on a washing machine. These insurances cost all together around £74 per month (there were some others as well).

They were paying £74 per month for lots of insurances that were covering items that cost around £2,000. Well, that was original price, as in reality they were probably worth half that. However, there were no life assurances.

A client who dies with NO Life insurance or Critical Illness cover, no matter how unpopular it is for us to talk about, dies leaving their beneficiaries with some worthless assets and no money.

Why should you consider Life insurance or Critical Illness cover

For the same £74 a month that this client was paying for insurances that were not really that significant or important, you could have protection in place for your beneficiaries (subject to health and underwriting). In fact, for some poeple this could be over a £100,000 of cover.

What is more important –
over a £100,000 of live cover or having mobile telephone cover if you should drop it?

Contact us to talk about boring life assurance!
It could be the best call you make – better than choosing your next washing machine or mobile!

Reality check – Life insurance or Critical Illness cover

Surely, everyone’s objective is to target security for you, your partner, your children rather than having cover in the off-chance that your washing machine breaks (which is often covered anyway on other insurances or can be added for pence.

Life insurance or Critical Illness cover is relatively cheap when you look at what it provides. Yes, it relies on health checkups and is subject to underwriting, but don’t you think the hassle is worth it for the security it provides?

Forensic Review


We offer a forensic review of your current offshore pension or SIPP and investments they hold. The fact is that increased investment reviews combined with lower charges may make a significant difference at retirement by boosting potential returns according to research published in the New York Times.

Have you been caught out? Some offshore salesmen promoting QROPS as an investment solution live in a parallel universe where they claim to make world stock markets behave differently by transferring pension funds offshore, than if the same funds are used from and within UK pension funds. Think and behave logically, if promises of bigger returns can only be achieved by moving to a QROPS or International SIPP then why hasn’t the entire UK pension industry moved offshore? It hasn’t!

End of article: Life insurance or Critical Illness coverd

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This article was published on 21-1-21


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