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Over 200 independent judges have presented us with 20+ International & UK Awards making us the choice of professionals since 2009.



We believe growing your pensions should be transparent, worry-free and fair.

Challenging the status quo

Over the last 20 years we have wanted to change the status quo by focusing on making life better for consumers. Ferocious independence, due diligence, robust research, strict governance and procedures aligned with transparency on fees, charges and the “truth” have helped establish us as the “go to” award winning financial adviser.

auth-adviceAuthorised advice

Aisa Direct, a U.K. limited corporation, is authorised and regulated by the FCA – Reg.189652, and is also a U.S registered advisor with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) – CRD# 172777

Our Ethics

Our expert knowledge is provided by the “Aisa Group”. Internationally we have several firms in different countries both within Europe (including the UK) and outside of Europe, often known as Aisa International.

Aisa Group have been acclaimed in the UK for pensions, investment and tax advice – multiple finalists and 20+ times award winners between 2009 and 2018 including UK Investment Excellence awards, UK Pension Awards won and tax planning awards from publications including FT.

The offshore pension planning service we operate is managed by advisers who have the advanced UK G60 pensions qualification as well as the highest UK investment qualifications, including Economics degrees.

Customer Charter

We provide a customer charter to our clients, and PLEASE NOTE we offer the most competitive terms, bettering any legitimate deal that can be evidenced.

Main benefit – The “Aisa Group” deal exclusively with pension providers that comply with both the spirit and the letter of the UK regulations.

We believe this to be in the best interests of our clients and in our own professional best interests. Uniquely we offer the best award winning UK IFA spectrum, combined with international experience and knowledge.

100-years100 years experience

Advisers with 100 years
combined experience

Our research and persistence liaising with providers to deliver what is good for you, the consumer, means we can provide tailor made intelligent solutions putting you first.


Our team of experts

TailorMade is a marketing brand of the Aisa Group. In 1998 when Aisa was simply an idea between James and Clive, they did not imagine that what would start as a small two man operation based out of Wiltshire, would grow into an international company with offices in several countries. Their diverse backgrounds of psychologist and RAF pilot meant they have always looked at financial advice differently from those within the industry – to this day they continue to sit down together each year and review the next stage whilst Aisa continues to grow in both experience and offerings. However, they always want to stay loyal to their original concept, and what has made them successful – putting clients’ needs first and providing the best service possible from a client’s perspective.

With over 20 fee based advisers involved in Aisa and our network, OpesFidelio, we have a wealth of local and international knowledge and experience within the financial services industry including being qualified and regulated in multiple countries, the prime locations being the UK, EU, South Africa and the USA.

From early beginnings with the office being run from a small space on the kitchen table to offices around the world James and Clive have always ensured that they are surrounded by a highly professional and like-minded team. Everyone within the Aisa team has a passion for ensuring that your needs are the focal point of everything we do.

Our Chartered Financial Planners

What Chartered means and why Aisa Professional are Chartered

Chartered status is a gauge of competency and expertise in financial planning. TailorMade is not registered as Chartered, but through this website you will have access to the Chartered registered advisers below. For advisers to achieve and maintain our chartered financial planner status from the UK Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), we have to prove that we always work to the highest professional standards, whilst advisers have to re-qualify each and every year, re-applying for the status.

Aisa Professional gained our Chartered Financial Firm status in 2010 and currently have 6 chartered financial planners either client facing or client supporting. They operate within a larger team who have expert knowledge in pensions and investments. Internationally we have several firms within Europe and outside of Europe (the U.S.A., South Africa, and a marketing company in Hong Kong).

Aisa Group has multiple nominations or awards between 2009-2017, winning a few along the way including 4 in 2016/2017, and UK Pension Awards won. We would like to think we are unique in the international financial marketplace. Each client facing financial planner has unique insights in their specialist areas which means you get the very best advice on a broad spectrum of investments.

James Pearcy-Caldwell

individual-chartered-logoJames Pearcy-Caldwell

CEO & Chartered Financial Planner

James started Aisa with the idea of putting the client first through engagement & transparency of ideas. Whilst highly qualified, he understands that clients want re-assurance through openness and results, more than anything else.

Chris Lean

individual-chartered-logoChris Lean

International Pensions

Chris is Chartered and an Associate of the Personal Finance Society with over 25 years’ experience. A UK expat, he has spent years building Aisa expat solutions for international clients and he writes expat blogs/financial articles and is a technical adviser on UK pension transfers and expat finance.

Ailsa McFadyen

individual-chartered-logoAILSA MCFADYEN


Ailsa is a pension transfer & retirement planning specialist helping UK & International clients fulfil their retirement ambitions, understanding the latest legislation to ensure that clients receive optimum tax efficient advice.

John Reid

individual-chartered-logoJohn Reid

International Wealth Planner

With over 35 years’ experience in all aspects of retirement advice, pension investment planning, and tax efficient investments. He is the current Chairman of the UK investment team and has a degree in Genetics.

Tom Zachystal

Tom Zachystal

Investment Management

Specialist in financial planning and investment management for U.S. citizens living abroad and non-U.S. persons living in the U.S.A. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP). U.K. Investment Management Certificate (IMC).

Marius Hampden

individual-chartered-logoMarius Hampden

Chartered Financial Planner

Marius is an ex-submariner who has written a consumer book about financial planning. He worked tirelessly to obtain the Chartered distinction and is a member of the Personal Finance Society. He speaks fluent Spanish and has lived in various parts of the EU and has huge experience of the tax traps and brings ideas to benefit EU residents when investing.


Clive Tutton

Clive Tutton

Director – Pensions Specialist

Clive’s main fields of expertise and experience are in UK pensions, retirement options, and cross-border tax. His reassuring manner will put you at your ease and make your financial planning journey a simpler and more comfortable one.

Geordie Bulmer

Geordie Bulmer

Investment and Tax Planning

Geordie has an Economics degree, a Financial Services Diploma and over 15 years’ experience in Financial Services. He is an Independent UK regulated IFA and specialises in pensions, inheritance tax planning & is a key Investment Committee member.

The Team that makes it happen


Shane Wood


Experienced international adviser, with a global clientele. Particular specialism with expatriate clients who are tax-resident in France, or have investments in Continental Europe. Having lived in France he has an inside knowledge of the tax system and how to obtain tax efficiency.


Ray Woman


Ray is constantly focusing on innovating solutions for clients and believes in the simple not the complex. He is passionate to ensure the client is informed of the options available, and to participate only in markets where significant results can be achieved.


UK onshore and overseas pension transfer regulations provide the opportunity to:

Avoid Tax

Legitimately avoid in many cases:
— UK income tax on the pension fund
— UK inheritance tax on the pension.
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Take more than 25%

Take more than 25% tax free lump sum legitimately, and from 2015 the government has announced full access to almost the whole fund depending on your circumstances.
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Increase Income

Have an increased level of income if you have a shortened life expectancy / poor medical history.
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Retain your pension

Retain your pension fund even after death, avoiding any tax penalties.
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In order to fully enjoy flexible benefits, in the UK you can do this from March 2015, whilst it is possible to do it immediately if you live overseas; the only condition is that you must have been absent from the UK for 5 complete tax years, or have intention of so doing. The many UK pension awards won by Aisa Group mean you can have confidence in our advice.

Our main concern – there are many people who have taken advice from the “largest international IFA’s in the world” that now have serious issues including penalties on “bonds“ held within their pensions, or reducing income at the 3 year assessment. Do not be fooled into thinking “big” or “large” means quality, or protection from bad advice.