Our Charity Work

We believe in supporting your children’s future

Financial education is key to your children’s prosperity

Every parent knows that their child’s health and education are paramount to their future. However, what many are able to take for granted is not available everywhere. TailorMade, through Aisa, has put tens of thousands of pounds and time in over the years to various good causes, including setting up a charity in 2000 called the “Marlborough Community Partnership” of which our CEO was the first chairman for 7 years. More recently, our aspirations have gone beyond one local community, and so we have provided funds for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance, and the time in organising events which have resulted in others receiving funds not just from ourselves.


comic-reliefThe Great Comic Relief Bake Off 2015 - Generics

In 2015 we have decided to focus on children again, utilising not only money but our time and knowledge in allowing children to be educated about money and saving. This is an area overlooked in most counties and most schooling and yet it paves the foundation for all people throughout their lives. With better education in finance, children will make better decisions and grow up with the knowledge that will make their lives better, help them make the right decisions and avoid those things that we all have had to learn the hard way about.

Help us, and contribute towards our goal of educating children in this most important subject. We want stories from you about good and bad experiences – what would you, if given the chance, would pass onto a child, one good, one bad but no more than 2 ideas each…

Your ideas and experiences can change the lives of others for the better!



Your contribution will be time, and ours will be to publish these (anonymously if you want) with our own guidance in a pictorial way. Later we will be publishing a website costing us our time and money, aimed at children from every walk of life, from every country, and we will do it in an interesting way, aimed to engage children and their parents in helping them have a better understanding so they can make better decisions, and have better lives.

Contribute now to our project for a TailorMade Future for children.